Iz Head

Iz Head- RFx Leader and LEXUS Car Earner


Former successful Pharmaceutical Representative. Married to David Head, and mother of two.

Since joining Direct Sales in the Fall of 2009, I am astonished at the opportunities the business has presented me and my family. After working with a pharmaceutical company prior to getting married and having two children, being an Independent Consultant offered me the unique ability to raise a family and position me in a tremendous business.

I am honored to be recognized for the second year in a row as an Elite Level V and one of the first to earn a Lexus. We, as a team, have accomplished so much over the past two years. In December of 2010, our team as one of the fastest growing teams in the country. As a member of the 2011 Leadership Advisory Board, I have gained a great understanding of the direction of the company and respect for our corporate team. Also, David and I have personally enjoyed getting to know so many amazing people through the various trips the company has provided.

Now, my goal is to share this unique opportunity with others. The Doctors and their associates have provided us the road map, all we have to do is drive. Next stop RFx Circle Achiever!


I joined the company with two thoughts in mind. One, I would like to be challenged and run my own business with a great potential income. I also didn’t want to sacrifice my personal time with my family and friends.

Once I realized these two goals could be accomplished through working as an Independent Consultants, I jumped in with both feet. We have three unique qualities to leverage: An amazing brand with award winning clinical products combined with specifically designed programs and tools.


Lucky to be associated with great individuals with mutual goals, as well as the ability to focus on the positive opportunities presented to us.


” The more you do with what God gave you, the more God will give you to do with.” -Unknown