Cindy & Aaron Sagarese

Cindy & Aaron Sagarese


Former Mrs. Hawaii and United States Pageant finalist, Cindy Sagarese, a full-time labor and delivery nurse, mother of four, and wife to a loving husband and partner, Aaron Sagarese.


Cindy has often felt she was working too hard for too little. As a nurse, she felt like all she did was work and sleep. She wanted to spend more time with her family. Finally, the island beauty and her husband decided something had to change. After trying the products on the recommendation of a friend, Cindy was referred to her Sponsor who could help her start her business. Because she was pleased with her results, she became an instant advocate.

“This is when I discussed the opportunity with my husband. I then asked [my Sponsor] to explain the business to me. I did my research and fell in love with the Doctors … I fully understood the value of being an Independent Consultant,” says Cindy, who in just five months working her business she felt her earnings were enough to cut her nursing schedule down to under eight hours a month. She was able to spend more time focused on her family.

In addition, her husband Aaron, who helped and fully supported her, saw the time being afforded to his wife and how it was benefiting their family. He joined her, and shortly thereafter, became her power partner. It’s been less than a year and Cindy and Aaron have reached RFX Executive Consultant status, qualified for a Lexus through the Car Incentive Program and mentors a growing team.

Cindy and Aaron feel that the most rewarding part of their business is not just their lives changing, but the numerous people they have helped through their business, many of which are their close family and friends.