Wendy Stewart

Wendy Stewart


I am a stay at home Mom with four kids, 7 to 17!


The use of consumable product, and the Doctors reputation, and the chance to be first. My husband looked at it, and was very encouraging. I love the tools we have to make this job simple, it allows me to grow my business big, even outside my rural community. Simple action items, repetition, and tenacity are my keys to success. Online tools and our solution tool and other apps make my job easy to work from my iPhone


I consider myself blessed, but I have never heard anyone say “I’ve got enough money.” Let’s face it, the economy is unstable, I have four children to look out for. They not only learn the value of a dollar, but they are also learning self reliance, and self dicipline. Which are valuable characteristics.


I look for coachable and approachable people. I love it when someone says to me ” But I’m not the sales type.” I respond “No one likes to be sold anything, but everyone loves to buy.”

I add value to people’s lives. “Leave everyone and everything better then you found them. In all areas in life.”