Tanya Economos

Tanya Economos


While living in Manhattan Beach with my best friends from college, I ran into an old high school friend and soon to be husband, Peter. 5 years, and our first child later, I was fortunate enough to “retire” from my sales management role with a fortune 500 company. Next came twins…oh what a year…but for the most part I was very happy and quite comfortable in my role as stay at home mom. However, 2 years ago, we had some significant financial changes. My contribution to the bottom line was no longer a luxury but a necessity.
Wanting badly not to give up my time with our children, I looked into businesses from home and found the world of direct sales. In my first go around, I fell in love with the flexibility and entrepreneurial aspects, but my product was not consumable and my business flat lined. As a “party” business it was also extremely time consuming and I found I was missing out on our evening family time more than I wanted.


I was drawn to the recurring income potential of a product that people love and continue to use.  I knew that a business with these Dr.’s would create would be huge.  It was also clear to me that skincare is not a luxury item, so the ability to represent clinically proven products, targeted at an industry that is DOUBLING, and backed by world renown Dr.’s seemed too good to be true. I feared passing up on the opportunity and regretting it later! Heck, the photo testimonials had intrigued me enough to want them. As someone that went to bed with make-up on 90% of the time, I was my toughest customer and already I was a loyal one.


We currently live in our home town of Danville, CA. Our kid’s grandparents are here. We have friendships here that go back more than 25 years. We live on a court with 14 children under the age of 12, and we like their parents! But the cost of living here rivals Manhattan, NY. We don’t want to move, but financially the decision is not so black and white. My why is to keep us here! Good news is we are already seeing the stability we need to make that a reality.


I have such confidence in direct sales and am so passionate about the life it offers me. What other job are you able to work with your best friends? Or choose your child’s field trip over work without guilt or resistance?
I am also very much a people person and therefore absolutely love the team aspect of this business. I am so happy and thriving in the collaborative environment we’ve created.


Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go;
He’s the one who will keep you on track.
Proverbs 3:6 MSG