Stephanie Bromley

Stephanie Bromley

Stephanie Bromley


I have worked in the Property Management industry for 23 years. Specifically multi-family housing (apartment communities). My last portfolio consisted of 1800 units and included eight different management teams and apartment communities.


For me, I needed time freedom. Even though I love having my career- I have three boys ages 11, and twins that are 8. They were at an age that I wanted and needed to be with them when they got out of school and for all the extra activities that we had lined up.


After being in corporate America and in the Property Management industry for 23 years, it was time to start looking for something that would allow me more time freedom, something that would allow me to be there for my family. Unsure as to what exactly this new position or journey would be I knew in my heart it had to be something different. However, I knew I did not want to stop working all together as I love feeling a sense of accomplishment, meeting new people and problem solving. I never have minded working hard (I actually enjoy it), but I wanted it to be on my terms.

I love a challenge, and watching the infancy grow into something bigger than me or itself. In addition this would be mine-something to call my own. I knew if I could work that hard for others for so long I could certainly work that hard for myself and my family. I was quick to realize that while embarking on this opportunity it would provide me with the time freedom I was looking for, it would allow me to work around my life and not the other way around. What was even more appealing was that it was skin care from two practicing dermatologist. These wonderful clinically proven products had already proved themselves in the retail arena. I saw where I could leverage this to my benefit. I jumped right in. Even though some days are harder or more frustrating than others I would not change a thing it is so worth it. I now have my cake and eat it too. This is an amazing opportunity and I am thankful it was brought into my life.


Support of my husband, Chris, who when I told him what I was now doing has never, ever, waivered in supporting me and allowing me to do what is necessary to make this happen. He saw this opportunity and allowed, and encouraged me every step of the way.
He still does today. He is my cheerleader, friend and my biggest supporter.


Do not ever sell yourself short. Life is full of chances take that chance. You may really be surprised as to what you are capable of and where your journey takes you. You can always go back to doing things the old way…but at least try the new way.