Michele Armstrong

Michele Armstrong


I am a wife and a mom of four children who jumped at the opportunity to work from home.


My main goal was to have a little extra spending money, and to have something that I could call my “own”. I also wanted something I could mold around my busy family’s schedule. In just two years, I have surpassed those small goals and have exceeded my expectations on every level. I am making more money than I ever dreamed I could working from home and I am having a blast doing it!

I have earned four all-expense paid trips including The Four Seasons in Maui and a trip to Napa Valley. I have also had the privilege to work side by side with our corporate dream team while serving on our Leadership Advisory Board along with 12 other leaders nationwide. This has proven to be my best career move to date for so many reasons, but the main one is the flexibility it offers.


My reason why includes my family and my wonderful business partners. After being a stay-at-home mom for 14 years, I had no desire to enter the workforce. Because we only get one shot to raise our children, I have committed to always be there for them. This opportunity allows me to mold my work schedule around their schedules. My second reason why includes the people I bring into the business. I want to create a healthy environment where they can thrive and experience the joy of reaching personal and financial goals.


” Coachability” has definetely been my best practice. I make” plugging in” and learning from others a daily practice by either listening to a training call, reading part of a personal development book,or talking with an accountability partner.