Kristi Van Nuys

Kristi Van Nuys


After a successful career in pharmaceutical and software sales, I married my husband Todd, moved to Chico, CA and started a family. Todd works in the medical sales field with a schedule that is demanding and unpredictable. Our three sons are all under eight years of age and lead active lives participating in multiple sports, school and family activities.


My first job out of college was in pharmaceutical sales. At that time, I had the privilege of meeting the doctors and watched the launch of their company and its astounding success. When I learned that the doctors had created a new company focused on anti-aging, I was immediately intrigued. At the time, I was not seeking full-time employment but felt the opportunity was one I had to pursue. I wanted to be affiliated with another winning business and knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to be one of the firsts to grow the anti-age market.


I have felt all along that when my boys got older I would go back to work, but only on a part-time basis. I am the mom that wants to be at every sporting event, drive the car pool, go on field trips and work in the classroom. This opportuntiy allows me to earn a substantial income while sharing our life-changing business with others. The best part is I’m given the flexibility to accomplish these goals around my family’s busy schedule.


I am sharing this amazing product and opportunity with everyone I know. I am so excited about the future and know in the very near future we will be a household name. It’s difficult to call what I do a job. I am partnering with both old and new friends and helping them achieve their goals while having a great time together along the way.