Kimberly Clark

Kimberly Clark


I am formerly a nationally published designer and award winning entreprenuer.


The opportunity to be first to partner with a multibillion dollar brand on the ground floor of their next billion dollar success!


As a successful nationally published designer and business owner, I never dreamed a day would come where my success would hinge upon things beyond my control. But, that was just what happened. In the fall of 2008, when the downturn of the stock market affected even our most financially secure clients, we saw, overnight, our business all but slip through our hands. I made a decision then, I would never again be without a “Plan B”.

Four months later, one of our clients thought enough of us to ask us to evaluate this opportunity for her. In a matter of minutes, I said to her, “What are you waiting for? Where is the paperwork, I’m on board!” And so my journey began. I started using the products and sharing the results and In 14 short months. I had replaced my income that took me 11 years to build. My Plan B had become my Plan A! I have since, retired from my firm and have created a professional life that fits around the BEST of my life! Today as one of the top leaders in the company, not only has my life completely changed, but, I am building a legacy for my family that will last for generations and am able to give back in ways I used to only dream of. The best part is I get to share with others how they too, can create a life they deserve, a life that fulfills their desires as they help others do the same! This has truly been a dream come true for me and those I love.


When you change a life, you change a world of lives. Care enough about people to find out what it is that they want to acheive and show them the way to get there. And, celebrate every success along the way!