Elizabeth Dugger

Elizabeth Dugger


I have been a marketing professional for 10+years. I currently own and operate a successful marketing/consulting company. I help businesses of all sizes grow their bottom lines through strategic marketing and advertising plans. I am married to Cory and we have two children, Grier and Paxon.


When I was presented with this opportunity I immediately thought, “Could this be for real!? Are the doctors who built a billion-dollar-brand turning around and doing it again?  And now I have the chance to be part of it!?” Having worked with various phenomenal brands in my tenure, I knew first hand the power of a brand. Even though my daughter was three-years-old, I was five-months pregnant with our second child and was already working and running my full-time marketing company, my husband and I looked at each other said, “How can we afford not to do this?”

We both immediately recognized the opportunity as a no-brainer! We knew this was an amazing invitation for our family to experience greater financial freedom!  We wanted to get behind this brand name as we both knew it was going to be huge! And if we didn’t build it big…someone else would!


Everybody gets into this business to make money. What began as a very part-time “side job”, began to match my full-time career in only a few short months.  Nevertheless, while the financial gain has been an amazing blessing, the relationships and life-long friendships I’ve made have meant more than any price tag could withhold. The Lord has given me the opportunity to walk beside so many special women and coach them as they, too, reach their own personal goals and financial successes!  I am inexplicably thankful to be part of their lives! As I look back on my life now I realize that this was the missing link all along. I have been given so much fulfillment by working with these extraordinary women and nothing can take the place of that.


I thank God for this opportunity.  Every single day I wake and give this business back to the Lord and ask Him to take control and do with it what his will is! And He is continually faithful to do so!


And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28