Andrika Langham

Andrika Langham


I am a former successful Chef/owner of a well-known catering company. My three biggest cheerleaders are: My amazing husband, Cary Langham and our beautiful daughters, we reside in Knoxville, Tennessee.


My husband and I were praying for “something new and different” in our careers! We quickly saw the opportunity to leverage a highly recognizable brand the Doctors created. I was so intrigued by how this business allows you to plug your business into your family life. We identified that there was little risk with GREAT REWARDS! Alongside my business partner/sponsor, Ali Box I was very successful in merging my business with my personal network. I am able to build my business, while my husband is on an international assignment! From the beginning, I started building my business across the United States. Upon me becoming an independent Consultant, I set my first goal “I am determined to make HISTORY….”


Direct Sales is my “do-over”…in my past career I let my career dictate my family life. Now I’m able to see first things first, family first which balances a successful, healthy career! It’s very important to me to create financial freedom for our family. This gift allows me to teach others the importance of molding our children’s future.


Remembering daily to ALWAYS be coachable and trainable!


“What God intended for you, goes far beyond anything you can imagine.”-Oprah Winfrey