Heidi Bellerjeau

Heidi Bellerjeau


For over 20 years, I enjoyed working with the Estee Lauder Cos as a Director of Education and Training for the Prescriptives Division. I am one of the fortunate ones that truly found my career calling early in life and absolutely adored coaching and training my team to excellence. My career with Estee Lauder was B.C. ( before children!) and once my now 7 year old arrived, I said goodbye to Corporate America and my wonderful friends and colleagues in the Cosmetina world. I adore my two, young children and wonderful husband, yet was hungry to continue working and use my talents again. It was important to me that I have time freedom and the flexibility to be an “all hands on deck mommy”. My past Corporate life of working 80+ hours a week and full time travel was simply not an option!

This was the opportunity I had been searching for. I am able to set my own hours, choose my wonderful team and the amazing people I get to work with, and utilize my talents of coaching and training again. It has given my family the promise of financial freedom and most importantly time freedom. I am fortunate to represent an amazing product, partner with two of the most successful dermatologists in the World, and have made some of the most amazing friends of my life.


These products are simply amazing. The choice to partner with the Drs was an easy one for me; clinical skincare that delivers, an unparalleled business and compensation plan, and the Drs reputation. Two years ago I could not believe I could own my own business, now I am thrilled to wash my face and tell others about it!


Initally, my Why was a playcheck. Two years later, my playcheck has quickly grown into a substantial paycheck. My family is my Why, this opportunity is affording me quality time with those I love and cherish. My Why is now morphing into my love of animals, my dream is to open an animal refuge for abused and neglected dogs. With my husband’s new found time freedom, this will become a reality very soon!


My Corporate life prepared me beautifully for this opportunity. The extensive training I received with the Estee Lauder Cos enables me to guide my team to achieve their dreams. My skincare background is a tremendous asset to my team as well as my talents of recruiting and coaching. Working side by side with my consultants, affords me the opportunity to celebrate their success of achieving their dreams.


To whom much is given, much is expected. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing 110%. I earned much success and happiness in my career and personal life, this opportunity is allowing me to Change Skin and Change the Lives of others.