Carla Felix

Carla Felix


After 20 successful years in advertising sales, the last 10 in TV I found myself frustrated by the continual diversification of the industry. When my company came in two years ago and realigned the sales department and cut our commissions substantially I knew in my heart that advertising wasn’t my future. Although I couldn’t afford to quit my job, I dreamed of doing something where I was in control of my schedule and I could design my life around my family outside of the corporate structure. I’ve worked in Direct Sales for the last 17 months, while working my Full-time job, and I’ve actually been able to build a residual income that almost matches the income it took me 20 years to earn in corporate America.


Being in the media business, I’ve got clients who spend millions of dollars every year to get some sort of name brand recognition. I knew being able to partner with these Doctors was the game changer needed for success in any business. I am continually impressed and shocked by the overwhelming beauty press coverage our products and these Doctors get monthly and all for FREE. No wonder I want to retire from the media business and work as a Independent Consultant.


My family. I have two daughters and they are growing up so fast. I’ve spent so many years trading my time for money and although I’ve had a really wonderful and exciting career I just miss my kids. I don’t want to make excuses to leave the office early to see my daughter play soccer or to pick up my youngest from dance. My husband and I want a life that we run on our own terms.


A real passion and determination to share these amazing products and this life changing business with others. I don’t think very many people are on track with their savings, retirement, college funds or just the basic needs of life anymore. The economy has hit us all hard and I believe that people need what we are offering. This opportunity has the ability to truly transform people’s lives but they first have to know it’s an option.


Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.- Confucius